About Open Platform Society

Open Platform Society advocates Open AI, Open Content, Open Data, Open Governance, Open Hardware, and Open Source (“the 6 open“) and focuses on Business, Education, Law & Policy, Participation, and Practice of the 6 open.

Open Platform Society is first established as a global online society by Mr. Sammy Fung to initiate its work.


For better lives and civil society in the world with rapid technological change, we empower people to have rights and freedom to control technology instead of being restricted by them.


  • Advocate the importance of technology freedom to the people.
  • Build an open collaboration platform to discuss the openness of technology with stakeholders.
  • Contribute inputs about civil society and technology.
  • Discuss and define the standard and process of open technology.

Who are we?

Contact us?

Please contact Mr. Sammy Fung.