The review of first Open Source AI event by Open Platform Society

The first Open Source AI talk by the Open Platform Society is successfully presented at Hong Kong Baptist University on Thursday (25 Jan 2024). Our founder Mr. Sammy Fung presented “Open AI and Open Source AI, what are the differences and examples?” to more than 70 students, academic staff, and alumni from business school and MBA programmes.

Open(-source) AI is one of 6 “Open” we focus on promoting in Open Platform Society. We are eager to be involved in the movements of Open AI, Open Data, and other open technologies and concepts. It’s a good start for the Open Platform Society to take part in it.

HKBU AI Force Workshop Series: AI – The Open Source Story
Hong Kong Baptist University, 25 January 2024.
Organised by HKBU School of Business, Open Platform Society, and Open Source Hong Kong.

In the Open Speech of the HKBU AI Force Workshop Series: AI – The Open Source Story, Professor Kin Chan shares the long history of Artificial Intelligence and 3 waves of AI Revolution.

In Mr. Fung’s talk, he starts with an introduction to Artificial Intelligence, then he discusses and compares various AI companies & models and their openness, including Open AI’s GPT and DALL-2, Meta’s Llama 2, and TII’s Falcon models. Mr. Fung also share open source concepts, AI development cycles, and some open source AI tools. Mr. Fung also shares the OSI’s good work on Open Source AI Definition and its open process Deep Dive.

After a coffee break, Mr. Woo from Trellix shares how cyber security uses Artificial Intelligence. A Q&A session with Mr. Fung & Mr. Woo moderated by Professor Chan was held before the end of the event. It is great that academic staff and students discussed the open source AI with Mr. Fung, Professor Chan & Mr Woo during coffee break and after the event.

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Sammy Fung

Sammy is the Founder of the Open Platform Society. He is a Hongkonger. He has 20+ years in open source contributions, and 10+ years in open data movement.

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