Establish an online society for 6 open

Open Platform Society is established on 24 March 2023 as a global online society to advocate the 6 open. The Founder of the Open Platform Society – Mr. Sammy Fung is passionate to focus on the various areas (Business, Education, Law & Policy, Participation, and Practice) for the following 6 open.

The 6 Open are:

  • Open AI
  • Open Content
  • Open Data
  • Open Governance
  • Open Hardware
  • Open Source

Open Platform Society is looking for your support. For enquiry or talk invitation, please contact Mr. Sammy Fung.

About the Author

Sammy Fung

Sammy is the Founder of the Open Platform Society. He is a Hongkonger. He has 20+ years in open source contributions, and 10+ years in open data movement.

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